NOVINEX Ltd. has joined the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI).

EAI is an initiative that uses an open e-platform to boost innovation, and thus Europe's competitiveness, through its member companies, organizations and individuals. This community facilitates networking between the players in the innovation and investment arena. The Alliance attributes top priority to education and research in welfare economies, since knowledge transfer is essential for innovation. ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) are ready for the change that has become vital in healthcare, the energy sector, transport, the media and many other important areas.

By joining EAI, NOVINEX Ltd. enjoys benefits including direct involvement in the Innovation Cycle, opportunities for networking in the innovation chain, access to up-to-date information, opportunities for demonstrations and attending the EAI conferences, and boosting publicity through appearance on the organization's website.

From now on, our current and potential partners can also meet us at EAI conferences. Information on the events we are planning to attend will be published on our site.